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Polytopes of Type {4,24,2}

This page is part of the Atlas of Small Regular Polytopes
(See Other Polytopes of Rank 4)

There are 14 polytopes of this type in this atlas. They are :
  1. {4,24,2}*384a (SmallGroup(384,11182)) (Universal)
  2. {4,24,2}*384b (SmallGroup(384,11274)) (Universal)
  3. {4,24,2}*384c (SmallGroup(384,18015)) (Universal)
  4. {4,24,2}*384d (SmallGroup(384,18015)) (Universal)
  5. {4,24,2}*768a (SmallGroup(768,141634)) (Universal)
  6. {4,24,2}*768b (SmallGroup(768,323570)) (Universal)
  7. {4,24,2}*768c (SmallGroup(768,1089134)) (Universal)
  8. {4,24,2}*768d (SmallGroup(768,1089137)) (Universal)
  9. {4,24,2}*768e (SmallGroup(768,1089358)) (Universal)
  10. {4,24,2}*768f (SmallGroup(768,1089367)) (Universal)
  11. {4,24,2}*1152a (SmallGroup(1152,97552)) (Universal)
  12. {4,24,2}*1152b (SmallGroup(1152,98807)) (Universal)
  13. {4,24,2}*1920a (SmallGroup(1920,240809)) (Universal)
  14. {4,24,2}*1920b (SmallGroup(1920,240809)) (Universal)